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About Karma Yoga Journeys

Karma Yoga is the practice of selfless service and the realization of "benevolent activities for the ultimate good of all beings".
In the Hindu classic "Bhagavad Gita" Lord Krishna says "Steadfast in Yoga perform actions, abandoning attachment and remaining the same in success and failure." He explains that "Not by abstention from action does a man enjoy action-transcendence, nor by renunciation alone does he approach perfection's vision is to provide an opportunity for participants to realize this form of expression by practicing it where it is greatly needed. This virtuous study, combined with a daily yoga asana lesson, meditation and group discussion will be provided in an exotic location for people to experience the myriad of wonders found all across the globe.
We are committed to researching, coordinating and establishing work projects that will greatly benefit local communities and allow participants to feel welcomed and respected for their contributions at the site. We hope that the blending of cultures and sharing of ethics will provide not only a wonderful experience with the local community, but will also create new bonds among people from all walks of life. What we ask is that our participants behave sensitively to the environment in which they are working, remain aware of the struggles that are presented to many people that they will meet, and that they maintain their respect and humility within and without.
During each Journey, we take every step necessary to support and care for each participant. Long before the Journey begins, we judiciously select the location and work project depending on local political, health and environmental factors. We then carefully select a Journey Leader who is experienced in guiding and teaching, and confident in his or her abilities to coordinate each aspect of the Journey.
This experience is meant to be something unique for all involved - a blend of cultures, exploration of new locations and familiar ones, and most importantly - the contribution to work that goes much deeper than the trench that took a day to dig. By the end of it all, we hope that each participant has learned to continue the most important Journey of all - the one that persists within them, each day of their lives.