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Go to a part of the world that has people in need and collectively offer your service to making a difference by lending a helping hand. Karma yoga is selfless service to those in need. Participants on our unique volunteer vacations experience an opportunity to make change, one person at a time.
You will immerse yourself in the culture of the people you are visiting and assisting, seeing the world in a way that tourists don't. A volunteer vacation is a way to get away from your usual life and work. There are many ways to assist, no matter what your background. We have provided company and play to orphan children in Peru. We have taught them English, how to play chess, and yoga. Some volunteers have provided psychological care and guidance to the kids and psychologists because of their special training. We have read to the kids and listened while they have read to us. We listened while they practiced their times tables. We have watched their expertise at spinning tops and playing hopscotch.

Why Volunteer?

In giving our time to the kids, they have given more to us. We were inspired by the children. The kids washed their laundry by hand and helped with gardening and the farm animals. Their happiness was contagious despite living in poverty. The sense of sharing despite having little was apparent. Kids appreciated being noticed and cared for by the volunteers. Singing, sharing music and games was enjoyed by children and volunteers together. It is a heart opening experience to go on a volunteer vacation. This is the true meaning of karma yoga, to help where there is need and in giving, receive.
A volunteer vacation with Karma Yoga Journeys lasts 2 to 2.5 weeks and can be anywhere, from Dominica to New Mexico. Some volunteer vacations are to help educate, to work and play with kids, to build a health facility or school, or to plant. Creating opportunities for ecotourism in places where people experience poverty is some of what is done on volunteer vacations with Karma Yoga Journeys. Participants also do a led yoga practice themselves, in the morning before they go off to volunteer. A cohesive group is created with the process of members talking over their volunteer experience at the end of the day.