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Yoga Retreat To Bromley Jamaica

Bromley Jamaica
November 8 - 15, 2008
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On our Karma Yoga journey to Bromely, Jamaica from November 8-15, 2008 you are invited to experience Caribbean culture, daily yoga posture practice, daily mediation and Karma yoga, as well as the fulfillment of making a meaningful and positive difference. This 8-day program provides an inspiring new type of volunteer vacation that unites humanitarian work with the underlying mission of selfless service and Karma Yoga. The program offers adventure, cultural immersion, and the opportunity to transform the self in Jamaica - a beautiful and diverse island whose motto reflects the peoples strength and unity - "Out of many, one people".

Bromley is a property with a rich history.  Perched high in the rolling hills of St. Ann above the town of Ocho Rios, that has been a family home for five generations.  Bromely is built on the foundations of a Spanish stone fort dating from the 16th century and its high ceilings and deep verandas, shaded by the delicate branches of Poinciana trees, keep it cool in the hottest of weather.  Bromley's generous bedroom suites, large living areas and extensive grounds, complete with a dedicated yoga platform, make it an ideal destination for retreats.  During your stay at Bromley, experience an authentic taste of Jamaican country life. Take a dip in the pool while the mist slowly clears in the valleys of the Diablo Mountains. Breakfast on fresh fruit, eggs, cassava pancakes, and steaming cups of Blue Mountain coffee. Nap in the hammock after a lunch of "Rice 'n Peas", watch the hummingbirds in the Orchid trees over afternoon English tea.

The owners of Bromley, who will be onsite facilitation this retreat, have had a long and rich history of participation in the community of Walkerswood, where Bromley is located. They have been heavily involved in the local community council which took on vital issues of building a community center, water, employment and low income housing.  The resulting community center and sports field is one of the largest in the island. Another critical contribution was the drilling of a well on family land bringing running water to the community in the first time in its history.  They also founded Walkerswood Caribbean Foods seasoning and spice factory.  It was born out of the drive to create employment and keep young people from migrating to Kingston or abroad.  The factory now employs over a hundred people from the community and has reinvigorated interest in agriculture with a ready market for the WCF seasonings.  You can see the old factory on Bromley grounds from where it operated for thirty years before moving to a state of the art eco-conscious facility in the heart of the village. The owners of Bromley also donated land for the primary school and helped build the pre-school  which had no government funding.  This Karma Yoga Journey will partner with the Walkerswood Community Developement Project, focusing on the pre-school where we will bring needed donations of school supplies, assist with some basic repairs, and volunteer time reading to, playing with and even teaching a little basic yoga to the kids!  

This volunteer vacation provides us with the opportunity to practice our commitment to yoga in myriad ways and places, both on and off the mat. You'll work from your heart through your hands among friendly people in a beautiful country - this is a journey that transforms and unites your self and the world. The village of Walkerwood has a tradition of community action and self-help which the owners of Bromely have been instrumental in supporting and developing since the 1940's.  Join us on this special journey and become a part of this tradition.

The base price for this trip is $1,295.00 USD.  Click the Register link above to sign-up and join this exciting adventure!